Meet Yvette Kent

This is Yvette Kent


The best of both worlds (city/country connection)


Yvette Kent and Tina Plett have developed a friendship and a harmonious, professional bond. These ladies are somewhat like Donny and Marie Osmond. Tina is a little bit country and Yvette is a little bit city. Therefore, there’s is an unmistakable difference in their preferred work area. As a result, the two of these ladies (who look like sisters) happily link elbows when assisting buyers and sellers transition from city to country or from country to city.

Yvette generates energizing connection.
Yvette makes a vibrant first impression. You will value her enthusiastic approach and her ability to generate ideas. As an experienced marketer Yvette’s campaigns are kept fresh through reinvention, and she captivates consumers with expressive, vivid communication. As a result of her intuitive ability to understand ideas and feelings of others you will quickly find yourself having a strong and immediate connection. As she easily adapts to your goals and plans, you will discover her to be a trustworthy professional who works in your best interest.


Experience and Expertise

Yvette is a native to Winnipeg and recently moved back home to care for her aging father. Toronto, Ontario was where Yvette gained experience selling luxury homes, condos, and new homes. As a result of having worked in a progressive market, Yvette has valuable insight to the exciting changes coming to the Winnipeg real estate services act. Having practiced what Winnipeg is about to embrace, she will be the act to follow!

Having an eye for detail, Yvette is skilled in assisting you to set the stage for your home for the most effective visual results.

Yvette has mastered the art of negotiation!

So if you’re considering buying or selling a home, Yvette Kent invites you to experience a whole new level of real estate service.

Give her a call today at 204-396-4766 OR email her at

On a personal note:

Without question, aside from real estate, Yvette’s passion is to travel! Yvette accompanies her husband Larry on many business trips and always leaves business in more than capable hands in her absence. If you want to discuss great vacation spots, pour this buoyant personality a glass of wine and engage in conversation.