Mirror mirror on the wall….

This morning, I looked in the mirror and to my surprise my skin looked younger than it ever has before. The two lines between my eyebrows, that had been there since my mid-20s, have disappeared. I couldn’t help but admire myself.

So many thoughts went through my head. Thoughts like, what have I been eating different? Had I stumbled across some miracle?

Just like that, I could feel my youthful energy returning to me.

Then, I put on my glasses.

How we see ourselves has a direct impact on how we feel!

Obviously, I must see myself as funny, because I continually make crazy remarks, even if I am the only one entertained by my thoughts! I see myself as loved, accepted, and significant. I see myself as intuitive, passionate, engaged, and capable of influencing others. These things matter more to me than the lines that are multiplying on my face.

Let’s be careful not to focus on appearance, performance, or shortcomings. Let’s find our strengths and utilize them!
Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

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