My Simple, Red Neck, Real Estate Agent Life


I live on an acreage in a thirty year old two bedroom bi-level, and it’s perfect. Our old pine cabinetry, pine board walls and wood looking vinyl floors are just my kind of rustic. Adirondack chairs are the only seating in our livingroom for now, because we’re still looking for that perfect-for-us couch. Until then, wooden deck chairs it is. (Don’t worry, we have a couch in the basement.)

I sell modern homes, and love to show them off, but would probably never choose to live in one. I wear a suit to work, but when I get home, I trade it for comfy home clothes – mostly because we have pets. Lots of them. Two dogs, and eight cats. (Only two in the house) No partridge in a pear tree though, so I think we’re still okay. But, with all these furry pals roaming around, pet hair is part of our life …and wardrobe. I don’t mind, our fuzzy buddies are worth all the lint rolling they necessitate.

My house may not be perfect with its excessive cat hair and lack of sofas, but my yard – now THAT is perfect! I LOVE my yard. (Remember those awesome “ gardening before and after” photos?) The challenge is getting outside. After spending winter indoors, I get used to being inside, you know? Suddenly it’s this big feat to even make it outside. You know what I’m talking about. If we don’t intentionally get our butts outside, we can get stuck on our computers.

I am really looking forward to summer though – not because I’ll do more of something, or less, but because I feel more… me somehow. Personally and professionally, I feel like this is going to be the best year. I feel more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. Personally, I’ve worked through some frustrations and bad habits that have held me back. Professionally, I’ve reached some kind of balance between work and home – which is dang near impossible for a Real Estate agent! And the continuous work I’ve put in to build my business is yielding more and more reward. Between getting okay about who I am and seeing some big progress in my business, I’m excited for the opportunities this year will bring.

Well, that, and I’ll get to garden.


What are you excited about for this year? 



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  1. Herman Klassen

    My summer will be very different from summers past.
    I bought a 34 ft fifth wheel rv in December. I was a snow bird in TX for the first time. I felt rather young in the 55 plus park I was in.
    I am on my way back to MB at the moment.
    I am parking the 5th wheel on an empty lot and making that home for the summer. I have plans for a box garden that will keep me thinking about life…
    I have a challenge ahead of me…beating prostate cancer. This I found out on March 10 and has forced me to reevaluate life…make priorities which are the following:
    1. A stronger Faith
    2. Spend a lot more time with my children and grandchildren. Which will involve camping, having grandchildren over for night, Bonfires, barbecuing.
    3. Seize opportunities to bless people.
    4. Accept my health condition and try to build positives from it.
    So like you Tina I don’t have a fancy house but a growing business that has it’s challenges.
    Life throws us challenges. goal is not to react but to proact. ..and hit it out of the park!!!
    Thanks for the help over winter…you touch people in ways you may never know!!!!

    1. tina

      That sounds like a wonderful environment for recovery. I hope your down time will be more like a vacation time in your fifth wheel.

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