On Balancing Work and Family…

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tree-with-green-leafage2How does one balance work and family?

I LOVE my job, especially dashing into the fray never quite sure where the next phone call will send me. It’s an adventure!
I also LOVE my family.  Often my job – spontaneous as it is – interferes with family time.
My husband and daughter have been so patient. They get it. They understand that, for now, work often comes first. I’m so thankful for their patience and grace, even when I dash from our family supper to work. Family’s pretty special. Who else would be so patient?

Funny, the thing I love about my job is the thing that makes maintaining relationships the most difficult. But I’m figuring out how to manage that. Whether it’s cobbling together a day off, or just making myself unavailable to clients during a ‘Family Day’, I’ll figure this out.
We all have to. 

Does your job demand after-hours attention, and interfere with family time? How do you balance your obligations?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.  


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