On Falling In Love…

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I adored watching my client fall in love with a house. She gazed lovingly at the polished hardwood like it was a newborn. She caressed glass drawer pulls. Every room she entered evoked some kind of sigh. I didn’t have to ‘sell her’ on the house. She was in love and couldn’t wait to live there.

Ten showings before that, if I would have tried to reason her into buying another house, she might have gone along with it. There were other houses that met her requirements. They were okay. But they didn’t have that feel – they weren’t for her. So we kept looking, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am not a salesperson – not the way one thinks of a salesperson anyway, ready to flash a smile and wink someone into buying my wares. That kind of selling is about me; my smile, my sale, my powers of persuasion.

No. Life is a people thing- ‘other people’. The greats say it all the time because it’s true. Besides, if I would focus on the sale even at the cost of pressuring my client, we would both miss the joy of that discovery. She would miss the joy of falling in love with that perfect-for-her house, and I would miss the joy of watching.


Happiness doesn’t result from what we get,
but from what we give.”

–Ben Carson

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