On Playing Fair Among Cheaters

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For some, as I’ve mentioned, Real Estate is a thrilling game – an exciting struggle for power, money and control. For others, the game is an infuriating blemish on an otherwise respectable industry. If you value people and justice, you are probably frustrated on a daily basis by the cheating you see. You probably also wonder if it is even possible to play fair among cheaters.

I want to encourage you – it is possible!  I have survived right from my harrowing first year through to now, and my integrity is still intact. I have also had the privilege to discover others in the industry who care about fairness, and value people above transactions. They are out there!

How does one play fair among cheaters?  There one simple (not to be confused with easy) strategy that will guard and strengthen you in this industry:  Know your values and stick to them.

I know it sounds overly simple, (timeless truths often do) but this is the crux of it all. One compromise leads to more. It’s a slow burn. It might feel warm and cozy at first, but in the end it will burn.

If you decide resolutely that taking advantage of others is not an option, believe me – your integrity will be tested. You will wonder if it’s worth it. You might even try to convince yourself to make a bad deal because, after all, others do it and get away with it, and no one seems to even notice! But you will notice. You will know. If you stand by your values though, you will be able to look yourself in the mirror and like what you see.

A peaceful, clear conscience is worth gold, and it is achievable – even among cheaters.

And, if you are that person of integrity, I want to know you! You are the kind of person I love doing business with!




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