Paper Piles and My Escape Plan – Going Paperless

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I’ve always hated paperwork. Work got done, but my personal paperwork I put off as long as possible. Maybe you can relate. (Oddly, when left alone, those papers seemed to multiply. Like weeds…)

I’ve been able to curb this nasty habit at work though, by going paperless.

For two years I’ve been trending toward making my office paperless. I’m finding it not only helps me escape inevitable paper piles, it also has other benefits. The change has helped me to stay organized – I do better with e-filing. It has also reduced my office supply costs, and saved me the time of printing and copying. And, going paperless also saves space and is portable.

Huh. That’s actually alot of benefits when I stop and think about it! Who knew?

I haven’t fully trusted the e-filing system so far, and have been making paper copies of some super important things. You know, just in case. But more and more I’m getting used to the paperless idea, and trusting more in my efiles. (Backing up the data helps) I aim to master this by the end of the year, becoming completely paperless. (Minus the mandatory print-contracts and offers and such as required by law of course).


How about you? How paperless are you?
Do you struggle with piles of papers too?


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