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Getting Started: Establish Personal Contact with Clients


Welcome to Part One of the series on Providing Legendary Customer Service. As you know, helping people is what I live for. It’s the motive behind much of what I do, and the biggest reason I became a REALTOR. It’s also why I put this series together – to help you satisfy the daylights out of your clients!

“Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game.
Service wins the game.” – Tony Allesandra

But how do we get clients in the first place? I remember my first instruction as a new agent was, “Congratulations! Now go find someone who wants to sell a house.” I drove around town, clueless. After awhile I prayed, “God, show me where to go.”, and trusted Him to guide my steps. I soon stopped at a local store and just inside the entrance a woman stood, feeling faint. I helped her to a seat, and chatted with her while she recovered. She found out what I do, and offered to give my card to a friend who was planning to sell. Her friend became a client who has (so far) listed multiple times, and referred 8-10 new clients to me. All that from one meeting.

There are loads of ways to get out there and meet new people. Here are just a few.

    •  Set up Booths: at malls, conventions, flea markets, county fairs.
    • Contact for sale by owners and offer your services.
    • Get your face out there – advertise, advertise, advertise. Become a familiar face.
    • Offer freebies to attract listings – free home evaluations, gifts…
    • Social Media – whether to post listings, personal interests, or to simply interact with others, social media can be an effective tool to make and maintain contact. Interacting is key.
    • Host a free seminar on investing, or how to buy a house.

The secret though, is changing how you think about it. I love how one well known successful marketer puts it:

“Rethink your view of marketing. Use marketing to meet people, not sell to people. If you must, view it as networking, but remember the result isn’t about selling. It’s about meeting and connecting. Don’t go into every conversation thinking you have to sell. You don’t. You should be building the relationship. Sales come later.” – Lori Widmer, author of 365 Marketing.

Getting a client is one thing. Keeping that client is a whole other game. Establishing contact with clients sets the tone for the relationship. And those relationships need maintaining. How exactly one maintains those client relationships (without over extending ) is what I can’t wait to talk about in Part Two.



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