Providing legendary customer service-part three

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Discover What Your Client Really Wants

You’re not going to like this.

4<a href=””>Scared Lady</a> by Vera Kratochvil

The irony of this series is that Providing Legendary Customer Service can not be taught. Not really. There are tips and methods to employ, yes. And, one could fake it for a semi-result. But to authentically pull this off, the desire to satisfy and keep loyal clients needs to become a lifestyle; an attitude.

So what do your clients want? There’s one great way to find out:

“You learn when you listen.
You earn when you listen – not just money, but respect.”
– Harvey Mackay


“There’s a big difference between showing interest and really taking interest.”-Michael P. Nichols, The Lost Art of Listening.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on Listening To Our Clients:

  1. Give Undivided Attention
    Don’t try to guess what they will say. Hear what they are actually saying.
  2. Ask Questions
    Encourage them to continue talking, and clarify your understanding of what they mean.
  3. Let Them Finish
    Interruptions and distractions prevent them from getting across what they’re trying to say.
  4. Respond With Your Whole Body.
    Leaning forward, eye contact, facial expressions and gestures demonstrate you are engaged with what they are saying.
  5. Don’t React
    If highly charged words or tones are being used, resist reacting. Hear them out and respond calmly.

(* These tips are taken from John D. Geddie’s Listening Checklist.)

But the best advice I can give when trying to find out what your clients want is to want to know your client.
“The desire is to understand the client and not to make her agree to something or to change her opinion. If you get this, the rest are all details.”–Chaitanya Sagar of

How have you improved your listening skills lately? for part one and two

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