Real Estate Adventures In The Snow. …Shovel Much?

Feel like hearing a story about Real Estate life in the Great White North?  

I remember showing a house once, where the driveway was covered with a fresh 3-inch layer of snow. It was the gorgeous, fluffy, sparkly kind, and was only marked by tire tracks of the sellers’ vehicle as they had apparently left. My buyer and I each parked our vehicles. I got out, and turned toward my buyer’s vehicle. She stayed in her car. Snow surrounded my shoe and dusted onto the top of my foot. I walked over to her vehicle, creating a fluffy wake as I walked.

“Everything okay?”
Looking confused, she rolled down her window and asked, “Oh. … you’re not going to shovel the driveway?”

I’m pretty sure I was now the one wearing a confused look. I’m not sure exactly what I said – I was confused by the suggestion that I should shovel the driveway. Whatever I said, we braved the snow together, and made it into the house.

Once inside though, the fluffy snow had turned to puddles on our feet. We slid our shoes off, and proceeded to track wet feet through the house. What could we do? Shovel the driveway? Mop the floor? Rummage through the cupboards for a paper towel or a rag or mop? Not likely. So the showing continued and we left our trail of prints.  I hated leaving foot prints on their kitchen floor. (What kind of business card is that?)  It was just awkward.

So I’m thinking about wearing moccasins. Still, I won’t have extras for my clients. So, if you are a seller (or anyone who is expecting company for any reason?), and you do not prefer wet socks and toes dripping prints all over, shoveling your driveway would solve a few problems for a few people.


What would you do? Would you rummage for towels, or leave it?
More importantly … do you shovel your driveway when you’re expecting someone?


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