Recruiting Season in Real Estate-Should I change brokerages?

Realtors are independent contractors.

We are individuals with our own mindset toward business. Yet, we all belong to a team as well. 

 I found myself relating the mindset of a Realtor with the different positions played in hockey.  

I imagine how the players are positioned on the ice just before the puck is going to be dropped. They look up and all they can see in front of them is the players on the other team. What hockey player in that moment looks at the other team and decides he/she wants to play on their side instead? Seems ludicrous, no?

Think about the defence position.  If I have the mindset of a defence man (sorry! defence person) in this business then I am constantly saying “What if?” Then I am only moving forward if the entire team is moving forward. Wow, I could talk for a half hour on the mindset I see here because I have to overcome the fear of all the likely variables just like anyone else. If my mind is only in defense mode then I will get fatigued. 

The goalie reminds me of a broker. That is a lot of responsibility. Taking shots for the whole team! I have immense respect for anyone who works in this role. It takes a strong mindset to manage the criticism when the other team scores. In hockey you will notice that not every game is a shutout. In a brokerage you will notice that while a broker is skillfully defending shots all day, they may also not  deflect every possible problem. Obviously some goalies have more experience than others and not everyone on the team would make a good goalie. Who would put their fastest skater in goal? Again, even when a goalie saves 99 shots, we all remember the one he didn’t stop. 

That being said, in hockey, there is a team effort to get the puck across the line and keep it from getting near their own net. So, how can the team be more successful?

A. Blame the broker for your failed deal, slow month, and for not motivating you when you are discouraged? Go ahead. See if that works for you.

B. Be glad someone is in goal so you can go score.

Forward Mindset

I want my mindset to look forward. I believe in my ability to succeed. I make decisions with a forward mindset. Personally I am stimulated by growth so it’s in my personality to be a forward thinker. It is a bonus if the defence line is supporting me and that there is someone in goal so I can take that puck and go. However, my success is not the responsibility of the defense or the goalie. It depends on my forward focus. 

I suppose we have all admired the center position. I am conflicted about my thoughts on this position. Am I intimidated by that number one position? Or wait, is that already my position? I am certainly not the #1 producer and that has never been my goal. #1 in client satisfaction is what matters to me and there is emotional rewards for that with every deal. 

Who is in charge of my career? Only ME. 

So, am I the coach? Am I the one responsible for my education, strategy, and practice? Of course I am.  That seems like an unlikely position to chose to relate to. It sure was not the first to come to mind. 

This is the lecture I just gave myself and I will share it with you because perhaps you need this lecture too.

Mr. Realtor, Mrs. Realtor,

You own the whole flipping team!

Own it. This is your career. 

Are you working to make your brokerage money or are you working so you can love your life? 

Own the positions.

 If you suck at one of the positions then perhaps you can team up with someone who can benefit you. 

Get into a forward mindset. That includes surrounding yourself with other positive thinking people in and out of work. 

Defend and protect your business by keeping your reputation clean. Be on the ball to respond when the what if’s happen but don’t get stuck regurgitating a fearful thought. 

Decide what color uniform you want to wear. Every team wants you. Work anywhere you like. Every brokerage is great! Do you want to spend time checking out brokerages or going to get listings? Regardless of where you work, you have to motivate yourself. No one is going to give you a wake up call every morning and tell you it’s time to get to work. You need some clients who want to buy or sell. You will need that regardless of the color of your uniform honey. 

Choose your equipment.  Get your website, your marketing plan, your listing presentation. I mean put on all the equipment  you need. You have to have skates and a stick right? May as well sharpen up your skates!

Now get your butt off the blasted bench. 

Show up at centre ice.  At work. Go to work. I didn’t say go to the office. I said go to work. What do you get paid for? Going to the office? No, you get paid for selling houses which means you have to go to work with sellers and buyers. 

The stands are full. The opportunities are the same for me as they are for you. 

Hockey season is not 12 months a year. Realtors have down time too. December may not be the most productive month in Real Estate. 

So use this time wisely! 2019 is soon to start. 

As for me, I am happy to focus on my business and let the brokerages focus on theirs. My business is listing and selling property. No brokerage will pay me unless I go do that! 

-Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

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