Rural Agent Adventures – You Know You’re A Redneck When…

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old bus in bush cropped

I meet all kinds of people in this job. Some of the most interesting to me are the backwoods type.

I love rednecks. I AM one! I may not grace my lawn with old sofas or bathroom fixtures, but I secretly enjoy banjo tunes and, for Christmas, our family hauls out rifles to celebrate with some good old target practice. Nothing says party like gunshots ringing out across the sparkling December snow…

Maybe it’s the straightforward simplicity of country folk that I adore. The lack of pretense is so refreshing. Maybe it’s the checked shirts and country music. Either way, I love those backwoods, rough around the edges, say-it-like-it-is bumpkins!

I couldn’t help but smile when I showed this couple a wooded country property once. The house was nestled in the trees and looked great inside and out. But the gem that  caught their eye was a broken down old bus among the trees.
“Does that bus come with the property?” He asked, eyeing it dreamily.

“Do you want it to come with the property?” I asked.

“Yeah!” He pointed a finger to the house, “I’m going to pull it up to the deck and turn it into a bar and use the hood of the bus for a beer cooler!”

Yup, gotta love them bumpkins.

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