Rural REALTOR® Adventures In The Snow


It’s coming. You know it is. Go ahead and nestle a little deeper into your cozy sweater. That’s sure what I’m going to do. I’ll wrap my hands around a warm mug of coffee too, and share a few stories of Rural Realtor-ing in the snow. 

First, you have to know, that for much of the time I wear pumps. I love pumps. Pumps love me. But snow and pumps… well, it’s an awkward love-hate triangle that we’re working through. For the purpose of these stories though keep in mind that in each one I’m wearing some kind of fabulous pumps.

So, last year a client arranged to see a beautiful house in the country. That day, a blizzard blew into town. It didn’t deter either of us though. Nor wind, nor sleet, nor crazy whiteout snow shall keep us from our course. Except when her car became stuck in a drift on the driveway… that was a long cold evening…

Another time I had met with my sellers in their home. It was another cold Canadian winter night, though blizzard-less this time. As I returned to my vehicle, I noticed a tire was flat. I tromped around to the trunk (in my heels), hoping to find tools, or a spare tire or something. I secretly hoped opening the trunk would somehow reset reality – that I would close it again and the tire would magically be full. Yeah, that didn’t happen. There was a spare tire though, so that was something.

My toes and everything else began to feel pretty icy out there in my thin business attire. But, the show goes on. So I lugged the spare tire out of the trunk, and leaned it against the car. I stared at it for a minute, wishing I had worn a snowsuit. I have this habit though, of not wearing snow suits to meetings.

The house door suddenly squeaked open, and my seller came out with a jack in his hand. “Having some trouble?” he smiled from under his scarf. He looked pretty warm and toasty in his big snow suit. He pointed me inside to warm up my icy toes and fingers while he changed my tire.

And, in case you were wondering, yes. It does feel a little weird to have your client rescue you.
There are more fun winter stories to share – like the time a client expected me to shovel a path for them (in my heels) – but I’ll save it for another time.

Does your job afford you some awkward fun in winter too?  

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