As the owners, you know more about the features and emotions of living in your home than anyone else! It’s my job to distill your words into compelling marketing messages to attract buyers. Your input is essential to me.

“Sharing the features of a home is good. Inspiring a desire to live here is better.”-Tina Plett


Please have the following items available at your consultation:

__A current tax bill.

__ A copy of your survey, if available.

__ A copy of your front door key. If there are doors that are keyed separately  that a buyer will want opened (e.g. Storage Shed)  please include copies of those keys as well.

__ A copy of your floor plan, if available.

__A list of utility providers and average costs per month if possible.

__A list of service providers such as internet and t.v.

__ Alarm instructions, if necessary.

I have designed this questionnaire in effort to respect your time and make our initial consultation as effective as possible. Please take a moment to review and complete these questions

Contact Information

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Primary phone number:
* Email:
Best time to contact you:

About your home

Type of home:
Age of house:
Size of house:
Size of property:
Number of bedrooms:
Number of bathrooms:
Ensuite bath:
Garage type:
Air conditioning:yesno
Finished basement:yesno

When were the following last upgraded or renovated or added on?

Main bathroom:
Ensuite bathroom:
Family room:
Additional comments:

Excitement List

What is your favourite feature of your home?

What is the best thing about the location of your house?

Name your top five neighborhood hotspots and tell us what you love about them:

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