Selling a House? How to Use Technology to Get Eyes on Your Real Estate Listing

Whether you’re a real estate agent or a homeowner selling privately, getting eyes on your property listing is a challenge. Every year the internet seems to expand and our ability to effectively reach local potential buyers seems to shrink. It feels like our listing disappears in a sea of other properties, other agents, and other “ads”.

It’s one thing to get people to look at the house itself, but it’s a completely different thing to get people to even just look at the listing.

THAT’S where the first decision is made – in the buyer’s first impression of the property listing.

So how do we get them to FIND and LOOK AT our listings?


What Doesn’t Work


Basically, what doesn’t work is old fashioned off-line tactics.

The days of advertising in newspapers and showing listings to walk in traffic at the office are long gone.
People don’t shop like that anymore. (When is the last time you said, “I’m looking for a house to buy; please pass the newspaper.”?)

There are those who believe “online marketing” is unnecessary. These are the people who put up a For Sale sign at the end of the driveway or post a bulletin at the local gas station, and wait for the phone to ring. Perhaps they’re even agents who believe that social media and websites are unncessaary.

Their motto is, “if it worked in the past, it will work in the present.”

…Except it really doesn’t.

Times have changed. Consumers have changed. And the way people shop is completely different than in days gone by. If we want the eyes, we need to get with the times.


What Works

If you know HOW people house-shop, you know WHERE to reach them.

HOW people shop is online. Want a book? You go to Amazon. Want to order photo prints? You go to Vistaprint or Walmart online. Looking for a house? You go to  (Notice no one’s first go-to is the gas station billboard.)


Three Specific Things I Use That WORK to get Eyes on my Listings


As a real estate agent, I rely heavily on technology to get eyes on my clients’ listings. I’ll share with you some specific things I do that work. Some will work for private sellers, others will only be applicable to real estate agents. Either way, I expect you’ll find something helpful to get more eyes on your listing.

Thing that works for me #1: 3D Online Home Tours

The 3D virtual home tours I create allow online shoppers to tour my sellers’ homes without even leaving the comfy sofa. (Which means my sellers don’t have to leave their sofa either, or do a last minute panic-clean for the showing.)  I reach HUNDREDS more people with these tours than I would without it. That’s hundreds of more pairs of eyes on each property I list.

Thing that works for me #2: Descriptions that are DIFFERENT

“Your ad stood out to me immediately!” I’ve heard this frequently, and it’s often because of the words I use to describe the house for sale. The property description is an opportunity many people don’t use to its potential. I strive to grab attention by using unexpected descriptions, and it works.
Most descriptions look the same: 3 bdrms, 2 baths, 1500 sq feet.  Mine are different.

Here’s what I know; people are not buying bedrooms and bathrooms. They’re not shopping for square footage, they’re shopping for a dream. A place to settle down and grow roots. A place to build memories or grow a family. THAT’S what I speak to, and I use the property description to do it.

Tip: How can you write a description that speaks to what people are REALLY looking for?

Thing that works for me #3: Social Media

Everyone and their dog things social media is easy and that anyone can do it.
Which is true, but it’s true in the same way that ‘anyone can cook’. Yes, we can all use a pan and spatula, but there’s no guarantee we know how to make food taste good…

Using social media is one thing; doing it in a way that GETS CLICKS is an entirely different thing.

There’s psychology involved. Timing. An understanding of Facebook’s ever-changing rules and algorithms – all of this makes a huge impact in the effectiveness of your posts. Then there’s the art of knowing when to ‘sell’ and when to ‘be yourself’

Are you getting eyes? Or are you turning people off (and being blocked) because you’re too busy pushing and shoving your listings down their throats?

Tip: Social media is SOCIAL. Instead of selling a house, tell stories, play games, and make it about the social interaction. The advertising aspect is secondary.


Want to get your listing in front of buyers?

-Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

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