Serving the Homeless

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I pulled into the parking stall and walked toward the restaurant. I was about to meet with my buyers to write an offer on their first home. As I approached the building, I noticed a couple seated on the curb. I wondered if maybe they were  hungry. Maybe they were homeless. As I neared though, I recognized the couple – they were my buyers.

“Excuse me,” I called to them with a smile, “You look homeless – would you like to buy a house?”
They laughed, (I’m so glad they get my humor) and together we went in and signed, all smiles.

It got me thinking though. I joked that they were homeless, but technically, they were! They were about to buy their first home. It reminded me of my time volunteering at a homeless shelter in Winnipeg. It was years ago, but I still remember the joy of interacting with guests and working with caring volunteers.  I also remember the fear and sadness in the faces of those with no home. We all need a home.

There is something about having a place to call your own. The difference between renting and owning is staggering. As a long-time renter turned home-owner, I know. It changed the way I live. Lifestyle change aside, the permanence of home ownership also gave me a sense of safety and belonging.

I love being able to help others – especially first-time home buyers -step into that new lifestyle, and experience that pride and safety. It’s a beautiful thing to escape homelessness, whatever the form, and I’m so glad to have a part in making that happen.



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