Should I List at Christmas or Wait for the New Year?

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christmas-1386412991onL (1)When everyone else’s calendar fills up with Christmas event bookings, a REALTOR’S calendar tends to empty. Listings can be few and far between in December, most would-be clients believing that to list in the New Year would be better.

Is It Really Better To Wait to List in the New Year?

People look for houses in December. House hunters are out there, but listings are slim. As a house hunter it’s not great news that people are waiting for the New Year to list. As a seller though, this could be an opportunity to take advantage of. Get your listing out there before others! Your property may become even more desirable amidst December’s stark listings.

But let’s look at it logically, weighing benefits of each.

Benefits of Waiting to List:

  • No showings during Christmas

Benefits of Listing in December

  • Your property becomes an option when options are few
  • The sooner it’s listed, the sooner it may sell. (It is impossible to sell when not listed)
  • Meet ad deadlines to be in papers for all of January
  • The house is decorated for Christmas, so is extra beautiful for showings

Based on this list it seems logical to me to list in December. Are there any other benefits you would add to either list?




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