Sometimes More Is Less

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Work’s high pace has made recent months a blur. But things are clearing up, and not at all like I would have thought.

This industry demands 7-day-a-week availability. It could make me cuckoo sometimes if I had time to go crazy. I thought the answer was to hire the standard team of employees – admin. assistant, data entry, photographer, ad writer…  I didn’t like that idea though – all the commitment of maintaining staff, the pressure of making sure there is enough work to keep everyone busy seemed like heaping another huge thing on my plate. So I dropped the idea and continued to feel stuck.

Then I delivered some papers to my new bookkeeper, suggested an idea to my graphic ‘designasaur’, and I realized a ‘team’ really doesn’t have to look a certain way. These two business people are helping me with my business while running their own. Borrowing their professional skills, I get much more done – and get it done well!  I can delegate some of my tasks to them and trust their best efforts will be on it. Ooh. I think I’m on to something here.

I need more! By surrounding myself with more professionals like this, the workload is shared and I can specialize. I can also then give my clients more focused attention. It means I might be able to hand off work for a day and.. oh, I don’t know, have a day OFF? More professional ‘on-my-team’ people means less harried distraction.  It means less time dedicated to tasks and more time for people. After all, (say it with me)

“It’s a people thing.” – Tina Plett


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