Sowing and Reaping

IMG_0152A number of years ago, I had a dream to plant trees and watch them grow. At the time, I thought the dream was symbolic of becoming rooted in my own personal life.
We bought an acreage, just outside of town, and enjoyed being surrounded by nature. Since we moved on to the property, we have planted a Shelterbelt of trees and random shrubs on the yard as well as a beautiful garden. Before I planted the garden, I spent much time visualizing what I wanted the garden to look like when everything was fully grown. I can see the garden from the deck.

This spring I looked outside and said to my husband, “that is exactly how I pictured the garden to look.”

Our life does not magically evolve into a garden that we have not planted. No one fulfills the dream of being a doctor without studying. No one buys a house without saving up some money!

What is it that you want? What do you want your life to look like in 10 years or 20 years?

I challenge you this day, to picture the life that you want to live. Visualize what your lifestyle would look like if you could live your dream. Then ask yourself, what kind of seeds do I need to plant in order to develop the future that I desire?
Here are a few seeds to plant that will yield a great profit: kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, patience, hope, faithfulness, perseverance, discipline, compassion, humor, empathy, and lots of encouragement. If you strategically plant these seeds where they are needed, you will grow a network of relationships both personally and in business which will then support your future success!

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  1. Crystal Derksen

    Right on Tina! Good word!! You are so right God’s kingdom has spiritually laws like “seed time and harvest”. Thanks for sharing your own heart and the Word. I really like what your husband said, “that is exactly how I pictured the garden to look”. That is “FAITH” seeing something in your heart and when I manifests it doesn’t surprise you cause you’ve already seen it in your heart.

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