Stop Being So Wimpy!

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Yes, I’m talking to you, my precious reader, client, family, friend. Because I care, I’m gonna tell you straight – stop being a pushover!  Far too often you let others tell you where it’s at. 

The doctor tells you what to do, so you do it without question or research.

The store clerk says ‘we don’t carry that’, so you leave without double checking the shelves.

The banker tells you the best plan for you (which is, of course, found only at their bank), so you go with it, not researching or checking around.

And there are REALTORS® who push and pressure you – to sign with them, to reduce your price, to hurry, hurry before the market changes and you lose out… and you just do it.

Too often I see people choose REALTORS® of ill repute because they were too afraid to stand up and say ‘No’. I’ve seen people get pressured into and out of sales they were not ready for. It pains me deeply to watch people suffer this way. And I’m not sure which is worse– pushy sales people who get the job done at any cost, or the pushovers who reinforce this behavior by succumbing.

I care about you, and plead with you – stand up for yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. (Anyone who would mock you for asking is likely intensely insecure and proud. Do you really need to impress someone like that?) Ask!! Find out for yourself! Check around! Research! And then think carefully – is the advice you’ve been given really best for you?


Look, most of the time the advice we receive is coming from someone with something to gain. Yes, they may be trained in their field. Yes, they may even know more about their ‘area of expertise’.  But there is one thing they will never know that you dowhat is right for you.

You are the only one who will ever know that.

Think about it.

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