What Happened at an Accident Scene Between Appointments

I left their house with an offer in hand. The snow might have been crunching, but I didn’t notice. I was practically floating. After only seven days, the place was about to be sold. Better than that, both sides had been dreams to work with. It’s the deal every agent wants. And I got it. I put the car into gear and grinned while the car radio pumped out the perfect beat for celebration. It…

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Why January Is Spectacular

It’s over. The rich taste of eggnog and aroma of delectable spiced ginger cookies have faded away. Some people think that once the tree and lights are put away, winter’s sparkle is gone, and the grey must inevitably settle on us. Buckle up, it’s all dim and sad until spring… Here’s the thing. They’re wrong. January shimmers with the romantic splendor of no other month. At each country property I show, soft white snow…

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How To Speed Your Sale in a Slow Market

    In southeastern Manitoba, home sales have slowed. And sellers are getting frustrated. For the last decade, our area has enjoyed a boom – a fast-paced market where buyers were tripping over themselves to secure the house they desperately wanted to buy. Prices swelled, there were competing offers, and it was a thrilling ride. In the last year or so, something changed. We suddenly have an abundance of homes to choose from in…

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