We reserve the right to refuse service

We reserve the right to refuse service. We reserve the right to choose if we want to work with you. We reserve the right to terminate a business agreement. We, Tina Plett and Eniko Crozier, are service oriented at heart and we have been known to go the extra mile and serve our clients beyond their expectations. We delight in pleasing our clients. We are consistent. We strive to be on time. We invest…

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Doubt You’ll Ever Own a House? Three Little-Known Secrets that Make House Buying Possible

  Do you ever think you’ll never be able to buy a house? You’re not alone. Raising the down payment is the most difficult part for the first time home buyer. Climbing house prices only make the joy of home ownership seem even more impossible. With the average house price in Manitoba hovering around $250,000, a 5% down payment of $12,500 can feel unattainable. Some are lucky enough to have the down payment gifted…

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The Sales Tactic That Makes Real Estate Agents Look Dumb

  A long, long, long time ago, before the invention of the printing press and internet, knowledge was power. Those who were in-the-know leveraged their special access to information for personal and professional gain. Those without such information could only submit themselves to the expertise of the elite. Times have changed. Information is widely available and accessible. Information is no longer power. In the new age of Relationship Marketing, relationship is power. “Technology has…

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