What is Your Loyalty to Friends and Family Costing You?

  Sometimes loyalty is a bad idea. Even to family. Or friends. And especially to the neighbor’s uncle’s cousin’s friend. Like the woman whose loyalty is causing her crippling pain to continue. She had been seeing a physical therapist to help her with the constant pain she was in. For all the therapy she’d been receiving, her condition was getting worse, not better. There were other therapists who were skilled at treating this very…

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I Can’t Believe This Keeps Happening. (And to a Steinbacher! Oh ba…)

  It happened again. They’re coming for me, and they’re coming for you too. They go out of their way to drive to your place, and lie to your face. Why? Money. Envy. A burr in their britches. Self-loathing. Ego. Who is this insidious creature?  Allow me to set the scene. I recently listed the home of a sweet elderly couple I’ve known for most of my life. The kindly gentleman had been my brother’s…

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What She Said About Me Changed My Week

  This week at the bank, I stood in line just like people in bank lines apparently should – facing forward, avoiding eye contact, and trying not to feel like herded cattle. As we all stood there, slowly shuffling forward, the woman next to me turned and we realized we knew each other. We started chatting and it didn’t take long before the conversation turned to something I’d said online. (Online presence comes up…

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