Confused About Whether Faith and Business Mix? You’re Not Alone.

    It’s a question we all wrestle with, whether we are the customer or the business owner, the teacher or student, the politician or voter. Does faith have a place in the public arena, and how does that look for me and my business? There’s a reason it’s confusing. (And it’s not you!) As I was thinking about it this week, I remembered a story from years ago, and how it impacted the…

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Conviction determines my motivation! It is the reason that I respond and behave the way that I do. One of the things that always breaks my heart, is when I see people in authority taking advantage of innocent people. In real estate, the seller and the buyer are dependent on the knowledge of the real estate agent, the lender, and the lawyer, to buy or sell a home. I personally have lost countless dollars,…

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