When Parents Decide to Downsize (a Peek into my Family Life)

“I want to move while I still have a sound mind,” Mom said. She was in her sixties, and she and Dad knew they wouldn’t be able to stay on their country property forever. “I want to be able to decide where we live and what we’ll take with us and what we’ll get rid of when it’s time.”   My parents had lived in the same homestead they’d raised us in. As adults,…

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What was that all about?

90 years old! I walked into the room at Bethesda place nursing home where the family was gathering to honor my grandmother.  Voices were buzzing all around. It was the sound of a happy family. There were cousins in the room that I had not seen in over twenty years.  Then there was my cousin John.  He and I were the first-born grandchildren and are only a week apart in age. My eyes darted…

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