Privately Selling Your House? Sell Faster and Get More Buyers in the Door [VIDEO & CHECKLIST]

Private home sellers want to know two things: how to get more buyers in the door and how to sell their house faster. What most home owners don’t know is that over 90% of those currently in serious house hunting mode are already working with an agent. Most of the unrepresented buyers shopping private sales are investors or buyers looking for a house on the cheap.   The best and biggest source of buyers…

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The Man Whose House No Real Estate Agent Would Sell

This tale might be fictional, but it’s based on several real, local people and events. On things that actually, really happen around here. Bill had been turned away from every brokerage in town. No one was willing to sell his house for him. No agent, whether moral or shady, would touch it. And it wasn’t because of the property;  the home and yard were in great shape. The problem wasn’t the location.  Actually, it…

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If Tom Sawyer Grew Up and Built a House, This Would Be It

If you haven’t read Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I’ll give you a quick primer on who Tom Sawyer is. Basically, he’s imaginative, making everything fancy and “high faluting”. He touches even the simplest things with an air of magic. And had he grown up and built a house, this would be it.   Tom never outgrew his boyish love of playful surprises, and crafted a giant tree house for him and…

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