Why I Showed Them a House I Knew They’d Never Buy

    I recognized the address right away. I had been there before. The foundation was in deplorable condition.  I knew they would not buy it.  But, I booked the appointments anyway. We saw five houses on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Once they saw the house with the crumbling foundation they exclaimed they would never invest in a house like this. “I know,” I said. “I knew about the foundation, and I knew you…

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What is Your Loyalty to Friends and Family Costing You?

  Sometimes loyalty is a bad idea. Even to family. Or friends. And especially to the neighbor’s uncle’s cousin’s friend. Like the woman whose loyalty is causing her crippling pain to continue. She had been seeing a physical therapist to help her with the constant pain she was in. For all the therapy she’d been receiving, her condition was getting worse, not better. There were other therapists who were skilled at treating this very…

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We reserve the right to refuse service

We reserve the right to refuse service. We reserve the right to choose if we want to work with you. We reserve the right to terminate a business agreement. We, Tina Plett and Eniko Crozier, are service oriented at heart and we have been known to go the extra mile and serve our clients beyond their expectations. We delight in pleasing our clients. We are consistent. We strive to be on time. We invest…

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