I Can’t Believe This Keeps Happening. (And to a Steinbacher! Oh ba…)

  It happened again. They’re coming for me, and they’re coming for you too. They go out of their way to drive to your place, and lie to your face. Why? Money. Envy. A burr in their britches. Self-loathing. Ego. Who is this insidious creature?  Allow me to set the scene. I recently listed the home of a sweet elderly couple I’ve known for most of my life. The kindly gentleman had been my brother’s…

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How Safe is your Private Listing from Real Estate Agents?

You’ve advertised your house For Sale By Owner. Soon after, a real estate agent lands on your doorstep saying they have a buyer for you. All you have to do is lock yourself into a listing contract, and the buyer will appear. If you’ve ever agreed to sign based on that promise, you’ve also probably noticed that the elusive buyer never shows. Perhaps they conveniently changed their mind. Maybe they never existed.  Either way,…

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Wonder How To List When a Buyer is Already Interested? Use This Technique!

  Recently I spoke with a woman who wanted to list her home with me. But there was a problem.  She explained that they had attempted selling privately. “We have a dilemma - we already have someone interested in our house.” I said, “That’s not a dilemma, that’s an opportunity!” Then I did what many other agents don’t. I told her to name those people as an exclusion in the listing contract. That means if…

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