The Huge Real Estate Referral Source You’re Not Using

They say word of mouth is the best source of new clients. I’ve said it too. And it’s true… to a point. But here’s the thing. Everyone gets referrals. Even the most unreliable, unprofessional business person will occasionally satisfy a client. Those satisfied clients will gladly recommend them, because their experience was pleasant. Try this - put out a call on Facebook or Twitter for a professional they’d recommend. (It will be more interesting…

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Time & God Appointments

  When we first talked on the phone, she imagined our meeting would require her packing up all four kiddos, keeping them up way past bedtime, sacrificing yet another night of Dad time, and desperately trying to keep them all quiet and happy in an office somewhere. When I offered to come by instead, and meet with her after the kids were in bed, she was shocked. She sighed long and satisfied, relieved. She…

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Don’t Be a Sucker About Getting “Top Dollar”

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Every seller wants top dollar, and every buyer wants to avoid paying top dollar. Your agent – whether buyer’s agent or seller’s agent – wants the best dollar for you and them. Is it win-win-win, or does someone have to end up being the sucker? If you’re the sucker, would you know it?    You Might be a Sucker if… (4 Ways To Tell) If you think “Market value” is a fanciful figure plucked…

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