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How To Speed Your Sale in a Slow Market

    In southeastern Manitoba, home sales have slowed. And sellers are getting frustrated. For the last decade, our area has enjoyed a boom – a fast-paced market where buyers were tripping over themselves to secure the house they desperately wanted to buy. Prices swelled, there were competing offers, and it was a thrilling ride. In the last year or so, something changed. We suddenly have an abundance of homes to choose from in…

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Don’t Be a Sucker About Getting “Top Dollar”

Every seller wants top dollar, and every buyer wants to avoid paying top dollar. Your agent – whether buyer’s agent or seller’s agent – wants the best dollar for you and them. Is it win-win-win, or does someone have to end up being the sucker? If you’re the sucker, would you know it?    You Might be a Sucker if… (4 Ways To Tell) If you think “Market value” is a fanciful figure plucked…

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