How Safe is your Private Listing from Real Estate Agents?

You’ve advertised your house For Sale By Owner. Soon after, a real estate agent lands on your doorstep saying they have a buyer for you. All you have to do is lock yourself into a listing contract, and the buyer will appear. If you’ve ever agreed to sign based on that promise, you’ve also probably noticed that the elusive buyer never shows. Perhaps they conveniently changed their mind. Maybe they never existed.  Either way,…

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Private sale

What is the reason someone puts a for sale by owner sign on their yard instead of listing with an agent? They believe that they will have more money in their pocket after the sale if they don't have to pay commission to a REALTOR. After all, the commission paid to the agency is a lot of money! So, let me ask you, what does the buyer expect when buying a private sale? That's…

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