The Shocking Emotional Fallout of Divorce (and You Thought Zombies Were Scary)

  Separation is emotionally volatile. What’s surprising is that it surprises people. I’m not sure why. It’s perfectly logical. When a previously deep and intimate connection disintegrates, it does not go quietly into the night. The connection doesn’t simply become dead. It becomes… undead. It continues living but in a new, twisted form. Divorce seems to poison its victims, transforming one or both into claw-bearing, fanged creatures who rip and tear relentlessly to satisfy…

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How This Simple $130 Device Protects Realtors from Being Charged or Sued

  Once upon a time my sellers suffered a break-in. Things were stolen. Guess who is the first person accused in such a situation? The realtor. After all, they have keys and access. Maybe the agent left the door open; maybe they didn’t watch a potential buyer as they toured through the house. Maybe someone got a hold of the keys that shouldn’t have. It’s a logical conclusion, and the agent would have little…

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Since my childhood, I have always enjoyed competition. Competition is motivating, one way or another.  Competition makes us set goals to achieve. I grew up with brothers and I wanted to throw a baseball, catch, and skate like they did. In the process of practicing catch or skating, we built deep relationships.  Competition is engaging! My mom may have beat me at every rummy game we played, but it was sweet to win a…

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