If Home Sellers Did This With Their Restaurants, They’d Go Broke

  Real Estate is full of anomalies that would never fly in any other industry. It’s not just because of agents either – sometimes it’s the clients themselves who pull crazy things that would never fly anywhere else. The buyers and sellers I work with are, for the most part, fantastic. I love helping them, working with them, and discovering who they are. But some people – you know, other agents’ clients - I…

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Playing Your Power Card in a Changing Market

  The local market has slowed a bit, and it’s making people nervous. Real estate agents are leaving the profession. Sellers are nervous. And cautious, fearful remarks are being made about people not being able to do in this market what could be done last year. Some plan to spend less on marketing to weather the year. May I suggest an alternative?  Whether you’re a developer, REALTOR® or an investor, this could actually be…

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4 Ipad Apps Essential to my Business (or The Mobile Office Advantage)

Don’t let the zebra print fool you. This ipad is no toy. This is my office. Some think that the brick and mortar office has an advantage in the marketplace. And that certainly was true a decade or two ago. Once upon a time, establishing one’s business in a solid building implied a solid place in the market. But times have changed. Digital offices are the new way. They’re efficient, mobile, and accessible. Everything…

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