The online open house

Where did all the open houses go? Open house attendance has decreased and there's a good reason why. Once upon a time when buyers would want to view the inside of the home they would contact the listing agent and the listing agent would meet him at the property and show them the house. Today, if you see a for sale sign, you Google the address and you can see what the house looks…

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The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Photographer

              Photo taken by Eniko Crozier The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Photographer     When there are so many options for buyers to choose from and so little buyers to go around, what can help attract a buyer’s attention to your home? Proper real estate photography, that’s what!!!   Fact: Most home buyers today start their home shopping online. There are many websites to view homes…

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Before and After – Real Estate Photos

If Real Estate photos are the first impression, a bad photo is the equivalent of putting your foot in your mouth. It's no way to say hello. I hear you asking,"How hard can it be to take a photo?" Allow me to demonstrate.   Behold the work of an amateur as held up against the work of a professional photographer:               Amateur Bedroom Photo Professional Bedroom Photo Amateur…

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