A Day in the Life of a Rural Steinbach Realtor: The Creepiest House Showing I Ever Did

    Being a rural real estate agent is a big, weird adventure. Icy country roads are a regular threat. Moccasins are part of my winter attire. And then there was the time I nearly got shot. My real estate agent career is riddled with stories. One in particular haunts me every now and then.  I’d been on the hunt for properties for my client when I came across one I thought she’d be…

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Babies, Mamas, and Why I Love My Work

    She was single when she bought her first home. I was so excited to be able to help her with that. Things have sure had changed since I’d been on my own, wanting to buy a house. Back then, it was nearly impossible. It’s thrilling to see that women have the ability to purchase a home for themselves. It’s more freedom than we had even a few decades ago. Amazing. Then, years…

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She Was Pregnant When They Bought the House — Then This Happened!

      Years ago, I had the honor of helping a young couple buy their first home. They were the first, and very proud, owners of that home, and had enjoyed it a lot. Now, with baby number two on the way, they decided to move. With their eyes on the future, they wanted to live in a community where they would want to send their children to school. As we checked out…

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