Real Estate Adventures In The Snow. …Shovel Much?

Feel like hearing a story about Real Estate life in the Great White North?   I remember showing a house once, where the driveway was covered with a fresh 3-inch layer of snow. It was the gorgeous, fluffy, sparkly kind, and was only marked by tire tracks of the sellers’ vehicle as they had apparently left. My buyer and I each parked our vehicles. I got out, and turned toward my buyer’s vehicle. She…

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Rural REALTOR® Adventures In The Snow

It’s coming. You know it is. Go ahead and nestle a little deeper into your cozy sweater. That’s sure what I’m going to do. I’ll wrap my hands around a warm mug of coffee too, and share a few stories of Rural Realtor-ing in the snow.  First, you have to know, that for much of the time I wear pumps. I love pumps. Pumps love me. But snow and pumps… well, it’s an awkward…

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Hijacker – A Real Estate Tale (Part II)

Continued from Part I, please enjoy this fictional Real Estate tale. The question hung in the air as Gary sat frozen with his calendar in one hand, palm pressed, tie arched. He gazed steadily into Celia’s eyes, waiting for her reply. Alexis perched on the edge of her chair and also made frozen eye contact with Celia. The silence thickened, and Celia’s eyes darted from one to the other. “I’ll tell you what,” Gary…

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