You’re Never Too Old to Make a Change (Celebrating 8 Years!)

    Eight years ago I made a massive career change. I was 46 years old. When I confided in a friend about my desire to shift careers, she said “Do it before you’re fifty. In your forties people see you as experienced. After your fifties, starting on a new path is more difficult. People see you differently.” I took her advice and started looking for new opportunities. Drawn to careers in which I…

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5 Questions We’re Dying To Ask About Real Estate Commissions

    Talking to Real Estate agents about commissions can be kind of… uncomfortable. To discuss commissions with an agent can feel like asking them to hand over their paycheck for inspection and approval. It’s much easier to just swallow the questions and go with whatever the agent says, isn’t it? But I know you still have those questions. And I care about helping you make informed decisions. I hate seeing people get manipulated…

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