5 Questions We’re Dying To Ask About Real Estate Commissions

    Talking to Real Estate agents about commissions can be kind of… uncomfortable. To discuss commissions with an agent can feel like asking them to hand over their paycheck for inspection and approval. It’s much easier to just swallow the questions and go with whatever the agent says, isn’t it? But I know you still have those questions. And I care about helping you make informed decisions. I hate seeing people get manipulated…

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A Gardening Lesson from Dogs

    I love getting dirt under my fingernails in the flower garden. And the way dirt crumbles in my hand. I especially love the way weeds pull right out sometimes, root and all. Recently, when I was down on my hands and knees digging in the dirt, my little dog joined me. At first, she supervised nearby for a few minutes, possibly to see what treasure I would unearth. As I continued pressing…

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The Shocking Thing a Difficult Client Said to Me

      I LOVE my job – It’s got adventure, variety, and the deep satisfaction of helping people find their perfect-for-them home. Last month put that love to the test though, I’ve gotta say. From every angle, side, and corner, various Boogiemen leapt from the shadows. Here are a couple of general examples of conversations that may or may not have happened recently. Client: “Hi, Tina?” Me: “Hi, how are you?” Client: “Hurry!!!…

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