If Tom Sawyer Grew Up and Built a House, This Would Be It

If you haven’t read Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I’ll give you a quick primer on who Tom Sawyer is. Basically, he’s imaginative, making everything fancy and “high faluting”. He touches even the simplest things with an air of magic. And had he grown up and built a house, this would be it.   Tom never outgrew his boyish love of playful surprises, and crafted a giant tree house for him and…

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A Realtor’s Life (Two Refreshing Stops on an Exhilarating Ride)

  I popped awake before the alarm sounded, with my mind already swirling. As I fed the dogs and got ready for work, my mind continued to race. I had been researching and strategizing some systems of organization and marketing and business development over the previous weeks. You know I adore strategy, right? And how I am attracted to that which is forward thinking, tech savvy, new and improved, flashing, and shiny? Yeah… so…

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Since my childhood, I have always enjoyed competition. Competition is motivating, one way or another.  Competition makes us set goals to achieve. I grew up with brothers and I wanted to throw a baseball, catch, and skate like they did. In the process of practicing catch or skating, we built deep relationships.  Competition is engaging! My mom may have beat me at every rummy game we played, but it was sweet to win a…

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