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When Selling the Homestead = Your Retirement Fund (And The Clients I’ll Never Forget)

As I was considering which story to tell you this week, I had a load of happy stories to choose from. I love that my whole job is to meet people in this big, personal experience with all its memories, emotions, and upheaval, and help them navigate it. I get to be there for them in it, which feeds my soul. I’m humbled and elated all at once. A few years ago, I had…

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When You’re Moving Out: The Process of Letting Go Happens to Everyone [The One Thing You Can Do to Make It Easier On Yourself]

  I’ve helped a lot of people find a new home, and they all had two things in common. One: They had to leave one home to move into another. Two: It always involved a process of letting go. Every single time. It didn’t matter if it was a twenty year old moving out for the first time or whether it was a seventy year old widow downsizing her way into a condo. Whether…

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