Top Rated Agent

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Award winner. Being an award winner has never been my goal. It is not important to me to be a top producer. It is important to be respected for client satisfaction. That is what matters to me and there is emotional rewards for that with every deal. Awards are evidence that I am being effective in getting sales completed. I can close deals. It does feel good to have that acknowledged. In 2016 Tina Plett…

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How To Speed Your Sale in a Slow Market

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    In southeastern Manitoba, home sales have slowed. And sellers are getting frustrated. For the last decade, our area has enjoyed a boom – a fast-paced market where buyers were tripping over themselves to secure the house they desperately wanted to buy. Prices swelled, there were competing offers, and it was a thrilling ride. In the last year or so, something changed. We suddenly have an abundance of homes to choose from in…

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How Motherhood Prepared Me for Real Estate

        Years ago when my daughter was little, we would use a vaporizer to help relieve coughs and congestion. The first time I set up the vaporizer to make the bedroom  steamy she raised a finger to touch the steam flowing out of the machine. “Don’t touch the steam – it’s hot!” She quickly took back her little hand, “Okay mum.”  I left the room.  Twenty seconds later, her scream shot through the…

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