The Awkwardness of Selling Due to Separation

  No one wants to talk about it. But it’s happening more and more. People are selling their houses due to marital separation. I’m not sure what’s worse though – the crisis many couples are in while they try to sell their house, or that no one is talking about the swirling mess of issues that come up as a result. I may not be able to rescue anyone from crisis, but I can…

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Put It Away, We Don’t Want to See That

  Showings can be scary. And a little... overly personal. Some things are better left unseen, you know? Want to sell your house? Start hiding stuff. Well, unless you want to frighten away potential buyers. Then, by all means, leave out the diapers and sour milk. Things Buyers (And Agents) Don't Want To See: Gunracks  An old-style gun rack is a scary sign to a buyer. If it's full of guns, you look armed and…

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On Giving The Gift of Time

    People in a hurry can cause a lot of damage. Especially when their motives are questionable. Too many agents rush clients into a decision, or pressure or manipulate just to get the thing done. It’s bullying and it’s abusive, and it’s completely absolutely unnecessary. People looking for houses are in different head spaces. Some are not even ready – they’re looking at every neighborhood and price range, trying to figure out what…

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