Privately Selling Your House? Sell Faster and Get More Buyers in the Door [VIDEO & CHECKLIST]

Private home sellers want to know two things: how to get more buyers in the door and how to sell their house faster. What most home owners don’t know is that over 90% of those currently in serious house hunting mode are already working with an agent. Most of the unrepresented buyers shopping private sales are investors or buyers looking for a house on the cheap.   The best and biggest source of buyers…

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How Safe is your Private Listing from Real Estate Agents?

You’ve advertised your house For Sale By Owner. Soon after, a real estate agent lands on your doorstep saying they have a buyer for you. All you have to do is lock yourself into a listing contract, and the buyer will appear. If you’ve ever agreed to sign based on that promise, you’ve also probably noticed that the elusive buyer never shows. Perhaps they conveniently changed their mind. Maybe they never existed.  Either way,…

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