You’ve heard of first time buyers- Let me tell you about a Last Time Seller

She had bought and sold several properties in her lifetime. This time, it was different. Perhaps the biggest move was coming from overseas to Manitoba, Canada. She recalls the move up to Thompson and back. That sale was a nightmare of an experience. Her husband and she had moved together a few times. Then there was the time she moved alone from the country into town where she had felt very pressured by her…

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What Seniors Know About Selling That Could Save You Major Stress

  I work with many interesting people, but one senior couple I found particularly fascinating. I hesitate to call them seniors because their years were so many they were beyond senior. We’re talking nearly a century of life experience here - each. Ready to sell their home and live with their children (wow, I love that!) they listed with me. I have to tell you I really admire this couple – their gentle way…

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Investing The Nest Egg

Right around the time the kids venture out on their own, we get weird new thoughts about the future, don’t we? We wonder how long it will be before grandkids bless our home with their sticky little hands. We wonder if we will need a nursing home one day, and if anyone would come visit if we did. And we may even wonder how we can leave an inheritance for our kids, especially when…

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