It is my heart's desire to make a lasting impact on the people I meet and to give back to my community. I especially want to give back to the pioneers amongst us who worked and served to make our communities what they are today. They built businesses, served in the churches, and farmed to feed the neighborhood. They raised the children that are now working and serving to keep our community vibrant. After…

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The Chivalry of this Fifteen Year Old Blew Me Away

    The silvery-haired woman stepped into the utility room of her new house to receive instruction on how to maintain the furnace and various mechanical doodads. She’d been recently widowed and had spent the last weeks and months searching for a home for this new chapter of her life. It was a huge undertaking for her to prepare the house for sale, then de-clutter and pack. She sifted through thousands of items, each…

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How This Cute Senior Couple Made My Day

  It was the end of a long, frazzled day. Showings here, demanding clients there, and a list of time-sensitive tasks that needed to be done ‘asap or else’ had chased me to the end of my time. But there was one more to go. That evening I met with an older couple, in their eighties, to show them a house. I had no idea the surprise that awaited. We walked into the vacant…

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