How This Simple $130 Device Protects Realtors from Being Charged or Sued

  Once upon a time my sellers suffered a break-in. Things were stolen. Guess who is the first person accused in such a situation? The realtor. After all, they have keys and access. Maybe the agent left the door open; maybe they didn’t watch a potential buyer as they toured through the house. Maybe someone got a hold of the keys that shouldn’t have. It’s a logical conclusion, and the agent would have little…

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On Giving The Gift of Time

    People in a hurry can cause a lot of damage. Especially when their motives are questionable. Too many agents rush clients into a decision, or pressure or manipulate just to get the thing done. It’s bullying and it’s abusive, and it’s completely absolutely unnecessary. People looking for houses are in different head spaces. Some are not even ready – they’re looking at every neighborhood and price range, trying to figure out what…

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