Flowers Bloom Even Amidst Weeds

"You can learn a lot of things from the flowers” – Alice in Wonderland   My garden has been a source of beauty, joy, rest, and also wisdom. I hadn’t tended to my flowers as often as they need. When I finally made some time, I discovered weeds had grown tall and wild, filling every space between flowers. That’s when I noticed something. Weeds had not stopped the many beautiful flowers from blooming. There,…

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My Simple, Red Neck, Real Estate Agent Life

  I live on an acreage in a thirty year old two bedroom bi-level, and it’s perfect. Our old pine cabinetry, pine board walls and wood looking vinyl floors are just my kind of rustic. Adirondack chairs are the only seating in our livingroom for now, because we’re still looking for that perfect-for-us couch. Until then, wooden deck chairs it is. (Don’t worry, we have a couch in the basement.) I sell modern homes,…

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The Usefulness of Wasted Time

It was a gorgeous day – the kind where flowers bloom, birds chirp, and the sun shines like a spotlight on the empty deck chair. It was the kind of day that beckoned me outside to bask in it. It was also the kind of day that had me inside, at my desk, tapping away at the keyboard. Neighbors worked carefully in their garden, and I tried not to be jealous. A bird perched…

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