The stair came down with me on it!

We noticed that the stairs on our deck were rotting. We had already determined that we would need to replace them this summer. We enjoy our deck immensely. Our home is a bi level so the deck is high off the ground. The bonus to the height is that we rarely have mosquitoes joining us in our leisure time. We live on an acreage. The view from the deck gives me the same sense…

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ADVERTISING Is the responsibility of the agent!

Experience in real estate has allowed me to observe a variety of thoughts from many agents on the subject of advertising. Before I share, allow me to say that each thought has a point. Just because I think differently and make my choices differently from other agents, does not mean that I don't see their point of view. Here are some statements that I have heard from competing agents: * The house will sell…

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Getting Personal

The question arises, Should a REALTORĀ® get personal with their client? Selling or buying a house is foremost a personal matter! The reasons for your move are personal. The preferences you have are personal. Your budget is personal! The best way for me to serve people is to understand them personally! If you are about to lose your house due to finances, I may choose to market with a different strategy! I am not…

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