Your budget or your lifestyle?

  PERSONAL PREFERENCE is the driving force that dictates where you choose to live! When you purchase a house, you are determining your lifestyle. The obvious first consideration is location! Most often, when a buyer tells me they are approved for a certain amount, I notice that they shop for homes as close to the top of their budget as they can get! We all want as much as we can possibly have! Too…

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Dealing with disappointment

  Disappointment is an empty feeling. It comes when you experience a loss! Everyone experiences loss and disappointment at some time or another. This week, I have seen many people be disappointed! I took a young couple to look at what they thought was the perfect property for them. When we arrived, we found the house needed extensive work beyond the budget! I watched their expressions turn from eager anticipation to  utter disappointment! I…

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How to stand out from the crowd

  For starters, stop trying to be like everybody else! You are your own person, with your own uniqueness! Some tips :   1. Know your strengths 2.  Go the extra mile 3. Serve with a smile 4. Think of the interests of others 5. Look for a new approach 6. Keep learning more about the trade you want to excel in 7. Clarify your objective 8. Purify your motives 9.  Don't take rejection…

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