You can’t laugh with your arms folded!

I want to love my life. I want to laugh a lot! What about you? This week, I have witnessed many tense situations and have made an observation. People who are defensive put up a guard that keeps warmth from coming in and laughter from being released. Laughter is good medicine! Let me ask you this: have you ever known someone that is a control freak? Would you describe them as fun and humorous?…

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What is success?

Some people are motivated only by the end of the game result. They are  not wrong, or bad, but I play differently! When playing a game, I enjoy the round...the process...the strategy...the intensity. When the cards have been played, I feel good about the round! Not surprising then, I will often win the game also! My mom and I played countless hands of rummy when I was a child. I spent countless hours playing…

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I added a Blog

I have added a blog.  My desire is to share thoughts, experiences, humor and ideas with any one interested in the Blog Blaw Blah of a REALTOR. This will  NOT be a column for stats, news, and data about real estate. This is about the life and the journey of a Mobile Agent!

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